Top Interior Designers London Help You To Create Space Where There Is None


If you’re just moving to London, you might have to change your ideas about interior decoration. Maybe you’re used to bigger spaces, both outdoors and indoors. In London, you’re probably going to have to make do with slightly less space, even if money is no object. However, this doesn’t mean that you should accustom yourself to living in a cramped space. Top interior designers London can help you to decorate your space in a way that feels comfortable and roomy. Here are a few London decorating tips.

Put in levels. You can always create more space by thinking vertically rather than horizontally. Many old buildings have really high ceilings. So if you wanted to, you could put in a mezzanine level in your apartment. This upper level doesn’t have to cover the entire apartment space because this would probably make it look too tiny. Instead, think about building an upper level for half the living room and using it for a dining or study area. To make things interesting, you could even put in a sculptural staircase with a retro or modern feel.

Expand the windows. Having large windows can really help to make a room look more spacious. So if you just have windows of the usual size, you could consider making them longer, even installing floor-to-ceiling glass. Of course, you’ll have to consider privacy when you do this. But as long as your room is far enough from the crowded street or other buildings, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Use your outdoor areas. Although you’re living in an urban space, you may still have access to a roof, a garden or a balcony. Don’t ignore these spaces. Do them up a little. Create a cosy nook on your roof where you can go for a cup of tea. Put some lounge chairs in your balcony and sit there when the weather’s nice. A hammock in the backyard is also a good idea for those lazy summer afternoons.

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