Three Reasons to use Landmass London’s Interior Design Services


Interior design services are distinctly different from interior decorating services. Interior decorators are skilled at choosing colours, patterns and prints for your home. Designers can do all of the same but, unique to their profession, is the ability to create the very essence of your home - an atmosphere that reflects the unique characteristics and personality of, you, its owner.

Designers craft the heart of your home: Designers pair your chosen colours, favourite styles, creative lighting and unique art with their specialised training in layout and design. This winning combination allows our professional interior designers to create a beautiful space for you to relax, entertain and, ultimately, call your sanctuary.

Designers guarantee your satisfaction: Home-repair or novice design and do-it-yourself projects don't come with a money-back guarantee. Using a professional designer to complete your interior design project ensures your complete satisfaction with the finished product - as well as the assistance of a well-trained design artist capable of accomplishing your vision.

Designers are current on trends, tips and tricks: Design artist's make it their business to know every colour trend, up-and-coming artist, in vogue furniture and new lighting technique. They're skilled in creating every look - from modern to vintage to art deco. They know the materials and styles to avoid, the ones to modify and the ones to implement. Their expertise promises you a home that's both tasteful and on trend.

Interior Design Services

To get an idea of what Landmass can do for your existing property or if you looking to purchase another property and start a project from scratch, we were featured in highlighting the sale of Belgravia Mews, In one of London's finest addresses in Belgravia, a Victorian house has been reconfigured by the Landmass design team from a dilapidated, uninhabitable Grade II listed house to a contemporary three bedroom home over five floors. It has sold for what is the most expensive single mews on record.

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