The Interior Design Inspiration of Empty Rooms



Here lies a conundrum that almost every person has faced: an empty room. Whether a room in ownership transition, or a forgotten room at the end of a very long hallway, an empty room exists in many a home. When we say “empty” we don’t mean that this room is void of things, but void of inspiration.

The home is a functional structure, created so that its people can have shelter. Yet the desires of people should not fall to the wayside. A pleasant atmosphere is as much a necessity as the shelter we seek from a rainstorm. It is easy, even natural, for humans to push things aside. In the home, this often means that we use a space, whether a closet or an entire room, to hold the things that we require but that we have not given a place. Call this what you may, but we believe that when interior design inspiration is involved, there can be no empty spaces.

Inspiration: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

Divine may sound like a strong adjective to describe interior design, but when a plan is formed for a room and it is executed in perfection, the result is nothing short.

Interior Designers London

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a particularly beautiful sunset, your grandmother’s bridal portrait, a piece of sculpture from Tate Modern, or the steam from a cappuccino. Inspiration often is not sought after, but at Landmass London, we pride ourselves on remaining inspired. After all, we deal with the transformation of empty rooms every day.

We invite you to contact us. Let us share with your our inspiration, and show you how very divine the execution can be.