The Importance of Space Planning


Space planning is the core of any interior design. It is usually the allocation and division of interior space to meet the requests and needs of an individual client whether they are looking to plan a residential house or even an office building. An ideal space planning makes a huge difference to where you live and work just like any piece of furniture, appliance or the colours of the walls can make. When we are talking about space planning for a residential home, we have to consider a number of important factors. For example if our bedrooms are too small to accommodate both a king sized bed along with various furniture items then how will you manage them? Likewise, if your kitchen is too small then how will you be able to move around freely and fight claustrophobia? But one of the most important things to think about is how you will design your interiors according to you custom needs and requirements.

The perfect answer to all of these questions along with many other queries is space planning. This involves maximum utilisation of all available space in the efficient and effective manner according to the client’s special needs and requirements. If we look at them from a financial perspective, it is evident that space is one of the most valuable assets for anybody, with prices per square foot increasing all the time. Hence the reason why it is incredibly important to utilise the space you have in the best and most practical or stylish way possible. Again, these things are applicable for residential homes as well as commercial buildings and offices.

A scaled floor plan is like a map - it shows where you're going and how to get there. With a good floor plan, you'll know the right sizes of furniture to purchase, and where to put any existing pieces that you already have. You'll know how to place the furniture for maximum usage and comfort with a pleasing sense of order.

For the best space planning, you will ideally have to hire experience and skilled professionals, who have been providing these services successfully for many years. A small space can be managed efficiently in numerous ways or layouts with their help, whilst a large space can be mismanaged without their expertise.

Our in-house design team’s unrivalled imagination has earned numerous accolades including Best Property and Best Interior Design London. All of our projects over the last 15 years are characterised by an exceptional use of space and an exquisite quality of interior finish. We are able to design and build entire projects from conception through to completion and provide architectural, interior design and project management skills independently, or as part of an integrated service.

Across London, reconfiguring un-modernised properties or those with poor layouts is often difficult to visualise. Design Solutions provide a clear and informed understanding of what permissible changes add value.

Our design team hope to be considered as Lead Consultants of the subsequent Design & Build. Having been previous winners of Best Property London & Best Property in the United Kingdom, our team includes; Architectural Interior Designers, Project Managers & Interior Designers. Once a concept is born, we provide a clear open book breakdown of costs enabling clients to consider a clear model.

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