The Importance of Lighting in Interior Design


All rooms need a mixture of lighting, be it ambient or simple background illumination or accent lighting to highlight an exceptional feature. You can always update a room and develop the atmosphere with worthy lighting. Equally, nothing makes a room feel old-fashioned and inhospitable like bad lighting design. Ultimately, you want the lighting to bring a space together. Luxury interior design is all about not detracting from the space you have created. The lighting simply showcases that space in all its glory.

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We believe you should think about a scheme before you start to decorate an area. First, where is the furniture going to be position, perhaps around a television or fireplace? Posing questions such as would you use be in that room predominantly in the day or evenings/night is very useful in determining the lighting design. Often, you forget whether the room ever be used for entertainment.

Down lighting can be incredibly helpful and effective interior design but it should only be used in its proper place. Throughout the daytime, rooms with well-sized windows will benefit from a significant amount of natural light. In contrast, down lighters can help to create a soft glow that adds ambience in the evening, especially helpful in a dining area.

Landmass - Spotlights

Spotlights make a feature out of key features and pure architectural detail. When used in the corners of rooms, where you would not normally have light they can be very effective. A room full of spotlights isn’t overly glamorous; the excessive light they provide can be exhausting. However, a dimmer switch can immediately change the mood from intense to cosy.

Lighting is undoubtedly the fundamental characteristic of a frequently used room. For a dining room, the lighting should be subtle. Importantly, chandeliers should always be fitted with dimmer switches, so you can experiment with brightness levels for different occasions. Too dark and you will not be able to see what you are eating, but too light will make for spoilt atmosphere. Wall lights are often a great option.

Landmass - Living Room Design

A living room is expected to have different seating areas and each chair may require its own lighting. A sofa may require practical lighting for reading, while armchairs can be lit effectively with lamps. The issue with relying predominantly on table and floor lamps is that many require lampshades. Looking like a lampshade shop is never a great look and an array will be for an old fashioned appearance.

The staircase is often a neglected area when it comes to lighting design. They are always built around stubborn angles, so spotlights can create pools of light and shadows. This isn’t very safe and isn’t very attractive. Directional light at floor level avoids this and creates a subtle, evenly distributed design. Stairs are also a great place to showcase pictures, so it is important they are well lit to ensure they can be seen throughout the day.

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