Taking Inspiration from Loft Living for Your Luxury Property in London


If you live in the city of London, your space is bound to be smaller than it would be outside of the city.  Even if you buy a luxury property in London, you may still have to make the best use of the space that you have.  Fortunately, this can be done through the process of interior decoration.  You can create a feeling of luxury and abundance in any apartment, whether it’s a small one-bedroom or a large penthouse.

What Are Lofts?

These days, it’s very fashionable, in the city of New York, to live in a loft.  A loft wasn’t originally created to accommodate people but was used for industrial purposes instead.  Nowadays, given the shortage of space, lofts have been converted into living spaces and consist of large rooms which aren’t divided into the traditional living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.  Of course, you do need a separate space for your bathroom, but this is the only division you’ll find in a loft.

Taking Inspiration from Loft Living for Any Apartment

You may not think that such a space is very practical for living, but if you end up acquiring a property which is divided into many small rooms, you might want to consider taking inspiration from loft-living and breaking down some walls to create a bigger space.

The Bedroom and the Study

There’s obviously something to be said about the traditional breakdown of rooms into living room, bedroom, kitchen, study etc.  But if you want to create a feeling of space, you could have one large room which contains both, the bed as well as your study table.  At one side of the room, you could have your sleeping arrangements while on the other side, you could have your working arrangements.

The Kitchen and the Living Room

You could also break down the wall between your kitchen and living room and divide the two only with a counter and stools.

Breaking All Barriers!

If you want to be really adventurous, you could just take down all your walls (except for the ones that are architecturally necessary) and just have one large room which you can use for all purposes—entertaining, sleeping, working and cooking.

Advantages of Undivided Living Spaces

The one great advantage of this method is that if you have a view, you’ll be able to take advantage of it at all times.  Plus, of course, you’ll have a great feeling of openness while you go about your daily routine.

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