Should you be a London Interior Designer?


Have you ever walked into a room and instantly realised that the layout is all wrong, and that all it would take to fix this awkward looking room would be to move a wall, change a few bits of furniture and tweak certain arrangements? If this sounds like you, then perhaps there is a little interior designer in you. It either comes naturally or with the right education and knowledge, you could polish your skills and make a living of advising people on how best to approach a refurbishment project.

Landmass Interior Designer

One of the most satisfying parts involved in interior design is the pride of taking something ugly or uninhabitable and making it truly beautiful. The transformation process is something you can do so many different ways and with no perfect layout or style, often you have the licence to design something bespoke and tailored specifically for the space in question.

Most of us have just the one home, and a few of us lack the budget the reinvent the interiors over and over again where our home furnishings are concerned. Being a professional designer allows you to express all of the different decorating styles within you and end up furnishing clients houses without spending a penny.

Landmass London Interior Designers

If shopping is a sport to you, where you consider yourself worthy of a gold medal, you may be perfectly suited to an interior designer career. Choosing what looks best where and challenging clients on what is and isn’t timeless, what is stylish or just hideous are just a few qualities you need for this profession.

Have any of your friends and family walked into your home, taken a look around and said “wow this place is amazing, can you come and sort out my place? I need your design influence!” A space does not need to be packed with an expensive furniture, priceless ornaments and famous paintings. More often than not, it is a case of whether the space is seems right or not. Ultimately, the most desirable homes are those in which space and light flow seamlessly throughout.

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We invite private commissions from end users and investors wanting to produce the most prised configuration of their property, complimented by timeless interiors and beautiful features. Our in-house team of London Interior Designers have an unrivalled imagination that has earned Landmass numerous accolades, including Best Residential Property in the United Kingdom. A complete turnkey solution allows us to mastermind projects from conception through to completion.