Planning a Bathroom Design


The Bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, which has some benefits as well as challenges when it comes to fitting a new one.

Bathroom Design

When planning a bathroom design, first start figuring out what it is you can and can’t do with your bathroom space, you will need to measure it out and make note of where the pipes, electrical wiring and boiler is, as to relocate any of these will come at a cost. You will also have to think about ventilation. If there is no window then you must consider an extractor fan as the condensation will quickly give you mould and damp issues.

A huge bathroom design statement is a freestanding bath. These come in all different designs from small, minimalistic and modern styles to grand and old fashioned tubs. Whilst they look hugely luxurious, you can purchase one of these freestanding baths for a smaller price than you might think. However, fitted baths tend to be better if you have less space. They would be more practical and a lot cheaper.

Landmass Bathroom Design

If having a bath is not that important to you, you can make better use of this space by having a larger than normal shower unit, but before you make that decision, think about whether an installation of a bath could affect the resale value of your home.

Bathroom sinks can come in a large array of designs, shapes and sizes. Most will either sit within a storage unit of cupboard or are freestanding. There is also a huge trend for vessel sinks where the sink looks like a simple bowl on top of the counter. The height and material of the sink is another practicality that you must consider. You should ideally choose a hardwearing material that is easy to clean. Make sure you think practically about what you can fit inside your bathroom, and remember the taps you choose will have a big effect on how the sink will look.

Planning Bathroom Design

It is not the most glamorous aspect of bathroom design but it is important you purchase the right one as they are used quite often. A variety of shapes and styles of toilets exist; corner toilets, close couples, wall hung, back-to-wall is all common these days. You can also buy soft-close loo seats which will not slam down when you close the lid.

You can use pretty much anything for your bathroom floor as long as it is waterproof and will not get very slippery when wet. Most people opt for ceramic, granite or marble tiles, sometimes sheeted, and sometimes tiled vinyl (a cheaper option) or laminate to replicate a nice looking effect of wood. It is also possible to have a hardwood floor, but you must be able to treat it and make sure it is not left wet at any time. Lastly, for a modern look you could even use concrete, this is very practical to have in a bathroom. Underfloor heating adds a really cosy touch and also fights damp and mould from forming.

Landmass Bathroom Designs

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