Luxury Interior Design: Here’s How You Start


Interior Design

So you're looking for some great interior design ideas for that beautiful new home? While all tastes, styles, and homes are not created equal, there are some sound, underlying principles that characterise fabulous interior decorating. Good design begins with a plan. Here are some tips for putting that plan into action and turning your interior dream into a reality.

1. Start with the architecture. The overall architecture of the place, most likely something you won't be altering, is the canvas on which you will paint your design. One part of the architecture might stand out more than the others. If that's the case, then that part should probably be your focal point (the part that catches a visitor's eye upon entering the room). Consider also the style of the architecture, as that will dictate the style of the furniture you select. You don't want antique furniture with a contemporary design.

2. Next, select a colour scheme. What kind of a statement are you trying to make with this room? Select colours that correspond to that statement. If it's a living room, perhaps you'll want softer colours to reflect the calm environment typically associated with a living room. Are you looking for a professional scheme? Then you might want something like navy blue and white. Is the property close to a beach? Then perhaps you want bright colours.

3. Pick a fabric. This is where it gets a little tricky. You'll find that it's easier to pick a paint that matches a fabric than to find a fabric that matches a paint. With that in mind, decide first on fabric colours, as well as whether you prefer multi-coloured hues or a single colour on your fabric. A paint can then be mixed to match your fabric colour.

4. Pick artwork. Now that you have the basics of the design in place, decide on what kind of artwork, if any, you'd like in the space. Artwork can consist of pieces that sit on top of tables or beautiful paintings hung from the wall. Obviously, you will want to select artwork that does not clash with the selected colour scheme. If you're in the market for some great luxury design, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to evaluate your current space and make recommendations consistent with your taste and style. Telephone: +44 20 7235 8345