Luxury Interior Design: Five Trends for 2014


Luxury interior design techniques are always on trend and, as 2014 dawns, experts agree on a series of five design techniques that will be reoccurring over the next 12 months. If you're considering a new look for your home, evaluate these style trends. As always, feel free to contact the design experts at Landmass London for creative, knowledgeable assistance.

1) Bejeweled Kitchens: The kitchen is truly the centerpiece of a home. Now, more than ever, unique design trends are emphasizing the functionality and beauty of this special room.

Luxury Interior Design

In 2014, bold color palettes in gemstone shades of purple, green and red are complimented by elaborate or vintage light fixtures. They're topped off with back splashes and countertops composed of synthetic materials that imitate semi-precious stones like agate and malachite.

2) Honey-tone wood: In stark contrast to the heavy, bold wood tones that were previously in vogue are 2014's lighter, fresh colors like walnut and ash.

3) Turquoise: Brilliant, bold turquoise tones are taking over the interior design market. They're in use for everything from accent cushions to upholstery to wall colors. Turquoise is the perfect compliment to all shades of brown, gray and black and ensures a unique, memorable tone for any room.

4) Hair on Hide: The unique textures of hair on hide furniture add a creative touch to every room. Chair cushions, lampshades and rugs have all embraced this style trend for 2014.

5) Indoor/Outdoor: Modern design styles have resulted in versatile, multi-purpose furniture appropriate for both living room and patio - the result is a unique twist on the expected interior decor styles!

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