Looking for Inspiration for your Interior Design?


Often the trickiest aspect of interior design is finding inspiration. If you're a new homeowner in the process of designing your space there are several things to consider; your preferred colours, longevity of certain design styles, current trends in interior design and the flexibility you'd like in arrangements and layout. If you're struggling for inspiration here are a few helpful things to consider as you plan your interior designs.

1) Match colours to the mood of the room: It's well known that colour impacts mood. Bold, red tones bring excitement. Clean, white spaces are calming. Green, natural tones are relaxing. Identify the mood you want different rooms to communicate and decorate accordingly. Keep in mind that dark colours make rooms feel smaller while lighter shades maximize your space!

2) Make sure your designs reflect who you are: When looking for inspiration the best place to start is with yourself. Ask what inspires you in your daily life? Is is music? Art? Literature? What authors, painters or musicians are your favorite? What do they capture about life that speaks to you? Integrate your beliefs, favorite quotes, colours and songs into the design decor through artwork, murals and the reasons for your colour choices. 3) Use design trends sparingly: Trends change rapidly. Investigate what's current in the way of furniture styles, popular paint shades and modern layouts but, without fail, make sure your final choices are your preferences not trendy compromises. You'll be much happier with your home in the long run! Contact the experts at Landmass London for more interior design tips or to hire a professional for assistance in designing your space.

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