London Interior Designer: Londoners Refurbishing Homes More Than Ever Before


Londoners have been refurbishing their properties more so now than ever before. In the last 12 months, more than 100,000 have taken the opportunity to appoint a London interior designer, an architect, a full design team for that matter and applied for planning permission. The sheer cost of moving and the challenge in sourcing another property has become too much for many. After all, the number of properties on the open market across the whole of Britain is at its lowest level since records began in 1978.

It is not just removal costs, the stress of being up against 20 other buyers for every property and of course increase stamp duty charges, it’s the very fact that homeowners have never been so open to maximise the space within a property they call home. Refurbishments throughout London are reportedly at record levels.

Upgrading your property, adding value and enlarging it to the size your family requires has never made so much sense. With hundreds of thousands applying for planning permission looking to upgrade their properties, inspiration for basements, attic bedrooms, side returns and kitchen extensions are readily available.

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In the previous year there were 87,000 applications and prior to that the figure was 67,000 in 2009. That’s an increase of more than 40% between 2009 which demonstrates just how many are looking to maximise space and stay put rather than move. These numbers may well be lower than those reported as there is a long list of home improvements that don’t require planning permission including rear, side return and loft extensions. With some planning laws becoming easier to navigate, it’s never been easier to understand what you can do and how you go about doing it. Ultimately, it is the stamp duty reform that has taken the steam out of the market. Even when building costs are extortionate, in much of London’s revered post codes, it’s commercially viable to invest in digging down to create basements. After all, for as long a sale price if significantly higher than the construction cost, it’s just about the most sensible investment anyone can do. Finding that dream home may be the one you’re in at this very moment.

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Established in 1998, we are recognised as a leading residential designer and development manager in London. Our multi-disciplined approach covers every aspect from the initial architectural and interior design concept through to the completion of a newly refurbished property.

As experienced London developers with over 35 high-end residential developments completed, our highly skilled team are familiar with the unique challenges our clients face.

We have built a reputation as one of London’s top designers with our prized configurations complimented by timeless interiors.

Acting as the single point of contact to design, coordinate and control a project, we invite private commissions from those wanting us to take care of every detail. Based in Soho, we have built an experienced team of Architectural and Interior Designers all of whom have an innate understanding of how space and light should flow. Their unrivalled imagination has earned us numerous accolades including Best Residential Property and Best Interior Design in the United Kingdom. We are determined to explore the full unique potential of every opportunity and have the conviction to bring the best designs to life, something many speak about but precious few deliver. We believe that a space should never be defined by its physical dimensions. Our interiors create an atmosphere that expresses our client’s values and philosophy. Over the last 17 years, we have designed and developed 54 properties all of which are characterised by our inspired use of space and meticulous attention to detail.

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Our design team have an expansive understanding of construction enabling our creative design theory to come to life on site. Moreover, our experienced team ensure your project is managed correctly and clients are protected contractually throughout. We enjoy collaborating with clients and challenging their preconceptions in equal measure ensuring we always explore new ideas before accepting what is truly best for any given space, family and investment. Let’s discuss your project on 020 7439 8095.