Interior Design Tips: The Best Ways To Arrange Furniture In Small Spaces


Today people are considering many different alternatives to traditional living arrangements.  If that flat in the heart of the city is your dream, chances are you will be paying a premium for space.  Then again, if that tiny house in the country that will let you live "off grid" appeals to you, the choices for downsized living are only restricted by your imagination. If clearing the clutter from your home and living a more simplified life style is what you see in your future, be prepared to get creative when it comes to utilising your space.  You will find that using the type of furniture that can serve multiple functions will mean more space in which to stretch out. These are some interior design tips and important things to consider when you are planning to live in the most efficient way possible.  These ideas can actually make your small living space feel expansive.  You will find that there are many very creative choices that can work miracles in a small space. Multi-Functional Pieces If your bed rests on a frame that has drawers, you might be able to do away with your armoire all together or find other items to store in your wardrobe. Using an attractive storage chest as a coffee table will give you a place to store unused blankets.  A dining table can feature nestled chairs or storage in it's base which can be a great way to have additional space when the item is not in use.Can You See The Floor? The more of the floor that you can see, the more expansive the space will seem.  Make sure your furniture choices "fit" the size of the room.  Think about minimalist design and avoid over-stuffed furniture which can block the view of the room.  Exposed legs and open arms on your furniture will create an illusion of using less space. Up Against The Wall Make sure you have a defined, open walkway through the room so you don't have to walk around furniture.  Moving your furniture against the wall, especially the larger pieces, opens up the room making it appear larger. Additionally, if you buy pieces that are the same colour as your walls, your furniture can almost "blend" into the background in your mind's eye. Angle Furniture For Depth When you look at a room, you will see that the longest distance in that room, is from corner-to-corner on a diagonal.  By angling your pieces along the longest line, your eye will see more space than if they were to line up with a shorter wall.  Also, avoid tall pieces of furniture that can make the ceiling seem lower and the space more cramped. For the last 14 years we have created unique living arrangements for our clients with our exceptional use of space combined with an elegant quality of interior finish.  Our design team has earned recognition and has been awarded Best Property London and Best Interior Design London at the UK Residential Property Awards. When you are ready to put your dream on paper and work with a design team that is dedicated to your satisfaction start to finish, contact us and let's discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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