Interior Design Tips: Maximizing Small Spaces


Interior Design Tips Sometimes, even with the most luxurious of properties, interior design tips that help maximize space and storage are beneficial! Take advantage of this list from Forbes Magazine to ensure you're able to enjoy as much of your living space as possible- not donate it to storage.

1) Raise the bed: Take advantage of the hidden space under the bed to store bins, boxes and other bulky items. To add extra inches invest in bed risers (make sure to add a lengthened bed skirt to cover the risers/storage space). The raised bed looks even more elegant and, bonus, provides more hidden storage!

2) Shelving: Utilise your abundance of wall space to mount floating shelves, hang your television on the wall or install a headboard with shelves (thus alleviating the need for a television stand or two nightstands). You can use the height of the walls as well investing in tall bookshelves and furniture that is taller than it is wide. Varying the height of your furniture pieces will keep the room visually interesting as well as spacious.

3) Be smart with furniture choices: Choose furniture that is adaptable to a variety of arrangements and rooms - look for glass surfaces and mirrored table legs that reflect light and make your space feel larger. If you're really tight on space you can chose multipurpose pieces like daybeds that can be used as couches and a desk that can function as a table. Contact us for more design tips or to hire the professionals for your interior design. Customer service is our top priority and we look forward to assisting you!

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