Interior Design Styles: Combining Wood Textures and Colours To Create Space


These days, people tend to use less wood in their homes; although wood creates a homey feeling, it’s usually quite dark in colour and makes a space look smaller.  However, there are many interior design styles which use wood to create a great textured look and maintain the illusion of space.

The Importance of Space

Space is very important to anyone living in the great city of London because it’s not easy to come by.  If you were to invest in a property outside London, you could probably get a great deal more space for your money, but you would lose out on the conveniences of living in the city.  So if you have a home in London, you definitely want to make the best possible use of your space, and decorating with wooden accents can help you to do this.

Interior Design Styles London

Creating Space with Wood Floors

Wood floors are wonderful, clean and, since the same pattern usually runs through the entire apartment or house, they create a great feeling of continuity.  Usually, wood floors are a medium brown colour, so they don’t make your space look smaller in any way.

Creating Space with Wooden Ceilings

Many people have wooden floors, but very few consider wooden ceilings.  Wooden beams in the ceiling might be quite common in log cabins in the mountains but don’t seem very urban.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to have some rustic elements in your urban home?  Once you get home from the busy city, you can pretend that you’re tucked away in the middle of nowhere with your significant other, a feeling that is emphasized with wooden accents.

In addition, keep in mind that you can combine light and dark woods to create ceiling or wall panels.  Blond wood can, in fact, help to increase your sense of sunlight and space.  So textured ceilings made of blond wood interspersed with dark wood will help create a natural yet expansive look.

Combining Light and Dark Woods in Furniture Arrangement

Similarly, you can go with furniture made of light wood combined with furniture made of dark wood.  As long as you keep a certain motif or theme running through the different pieces in your home, you can always experiment with wood colour and texture.  Contact us for more ways to incorporate wooden accents in your luxury property in London today.

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