Do Fireplaces Add Value To Property?


Historically fireplaces are the absolute centre of any home. They provide your home with not only heat and light, but more importantly they provide a focus for the owners and their families. They are typically used as either a place to relax in peace and tranquillity or a perfect area to socialise and play host to friends and extended family. Fireplaces always dominate the room they are in, chairs are organised to face it, making it the focal point of the house.

Regardless of changing fashions, original fireplaces are certain to remain a major asset, on a par with wooden sash windows and period cornices. However, we believe modern fireplaces can add significant value and bring a whole room together. Fireplaces can be truly unique and a newly developed Belgravia Mews House we recently designed benefits from a bespoke fireplace. On the ground floor, an internal glass window creates the symmetry behind the circular chrome fireplace. It is this London interior design that played a part in this house being short listed for Best Residential Property 2014.

Belgravia Mews House Fireplace

As of late the fireplace has been pushed aside by state of the art flat screen televisions, thus impeding any chance for socialising and providing noise as opposed to relaxation, but the fire place is making a comeback. Fireplaces and televisions can now both exist together. This can be achieved in various different ways and looks. Because all furniture tends to face either a fireplace or a television then most believe that the best option of including both of these features into your home is to have a fireplace situated underneath the television so as to not have to change the way most furniture is pointed. This will enable you to enjoy both relaxation and television at the same time.

The London basement interior design of another newly developed luxury Knightsbridge house, we designed what is considered to be the ‘largest bespoke copper clad fireplace in Europe.’ With a television recessed inside, it provides both a focal point of the room and the perfect setting for a media corner in an informal reception area.

London Basement Interior Design -

If you are lucky enough to have a large living room then you can always split the room so you have furniture facing a fireplace on one side and a TV watching area on the other to cater for whatever mood you are in. Sleek, modern fireplaces, with flush facings, oblong shapes, glittering glass and light-show effects, are designed to fit in better with the sharp angles and edges of modern décor—especially those of flat-screen TVs, which are often mounted right above. These new fireplaces can turn a whole wall into a design element that draws the eye to the fireplace first, TV after.

Luxury Interior Designers - Belgravia London

Modern fireplaces are built no more just with stone and brick, now they are being built by marble and even glass. Contemporary fireplaces have not changed very much in terms of their appearance, just the material they are built with. Tell any estate agent that your home has a unique fireplace and their eyes will light up like kindling. Sadly, many fireplaces were ripped out after the Clean Air Act of 1956, which prevented solid fuel from being burnt in the centre of big cities. But they made a comeback in the 1990s as homeowners wanted home comforts. And what could be more cosy than a roaring fire.

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