Comfort and Self-Expression Through the Interior Design of Your Living Room


Interior Design Living Room

There’s no point in buying luxury property in London and not being 100% satisfied with the interior design of your home. If you’re splurging by buying property in a great neighbourhood, you might as well splurge on your interiors as well. Of course, interior design doesn’t have to be extremely expensive to be eye-catching. Nowadays, it is considered quite chic to combine high and low-priced elements in the same living space. What matters is the amount of thought that goes into your living area. So it helps if you (or your interior designer) put a lot of effort into every piece that makes up your home. In line with this idea, here are a few possibilities for the interior design of your living room:

1. Banish the TV: Usually, the focus of every living room is the TV! And, of course, it’s possible to get a sleek TV that won’t be an eyesore. However, no matter how pretty your TV is, it’s really just a blank screen when it’s not on. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a painting or a photograph as your main focus? Cover up the TV within an entertainment system or remote-controlled wall panel when it’s not being used.

Interior Design Living Room

2. Art and Photography: Once your TV is no longer the center of the room you can use your living room wall space to express who you are.  If you love travelling to exotic places, you could have a wall covered with wallpaper made from a photo you took on your travels.  Murals painted on the wall can tell a story that your guests will love to figure out.  They can be wonderful conversation-starters.  Paintings, either originals or prints, can express what you like.  If you love landscapes, you could go with a traditional Monet.  If you love figures, why not a Michelangelo or Da Vinci?

3. Furniture: In terms of living room furniture, it’s best to assess how much space you have first.  You might love Victorian furniture, but it does take up a lot of space.  Instead, you might want to go with minimalistic furniture and then throw in one great Victorian piece like a coffee table.  It’s always very eye-catching to mix styles in this way, but be careful not to mix too much. A surfeit of prints or styles can make a place look small.  But judicious mixing of colours can help put your signature on a room.

Above all, you want to make sure that your living room is comfortable for you and your guests.  Sculptural furniture may look great, but if you end up perching at the edge of it, you’re not going to end up spending much time in this room.  A living room is meant for living!  So contact us and we’ll help you figure out exactly what will work for you.