Amp up Your Interior Design London with a Divan, Bench, Ottoman, Recliner or Rocking Chair


Many of us feel like we know the basics of interior design in London. When you go to someone’s house, you usually see the same types of things. The living room will consist of a sofa set, a TV, maybe a shelving unit. The bedroom will consist of the bed, possibly bookshelves and a chair or two to lounge about in. The kitchen will have a platform, a sink and cabinets. The dining room will consist of a dining table and chairs. These are things that we usually take for granted. However, it is possible to introduce some variations in the type of furniture you have in various rooms. Consider the following ideas:

The Divan. What exactly is a divan? It’s like a single bed which can be used for seating as well as sleeping. If you need some extra space in your living room when you have guests over for the night, you can set up a divan. During the day, you can arrange cushions at the back and use it for seating. In the night, a cushion can double as a pillow and your guests can get a good night’s rest.

The Bench. If you’re looking for extra seating which is good for the back, you can go with a bench. These may look like regular park benches or they can be Victorian style benches made out of carved wood. Just because it’s a bench doesn’t mean that it has to be plain. It can be quite ornate. Some people don’t really like to sit on benches because they’re too hard but others prefer it. So it’s a matter of personal choice.

The Recliner. This is often a favourite with many people. You always want to come home and sit in a comfy armchair. And if the armchair reclines backwards and has a section that comes up to support your legs, it can be even more comfortable. You can have a cup of cocoa on the armchair, then recline it and take a little nap.

The Ottoman. An ottoman can be used to sit on or to put up your feet. It has a soft seat that you can sink into but it doesn’t have a back. The advantage of an ottoman is that you can move it around as necessary. It often comes with wheels.

The Rocking Chair. Some people like recliners but others like rocking chairs. These can be found to suit any décor. You can get a traditional-looking rocking chair made of dark polished wood. Or you can get something in blond wood which will go with a more modern-looking interior. These are great for lounging, watching TV or reading your Sunday paper. They’re not just for knitting!

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