6 Clever Ideas for a Small Bathroom


If you have ever dreamt of a spacious, hotel style bathroom but simply do not have the room within your home, here are a few innovative ideas that will help maximise the space and make it look stunning.

1) With a wall-hung toilet, the tank part is recessed into a wall which in turn saves precious inches along with creating a contemporary look.

Wall Hung Toilet

2) Frameless glass for walk-in shower ensures a modern look with a prised configuration.

Frameless Shower Room

3) A mirrored medicine cabinet is nothing new, but extending a unit the whole length of the vanity helps significantly to expand the room.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

4) Mirrored walls can really make a bathroom more spacious. However, we all know that mirrors are only as good as what they reflect.

Mirrored Wall

5) One limitation of some small bathrooms is that a bath often cannot be visualised. However, there are plenty of options in all sorts of sizes that avoid this conundrum.

Small Bath Room

6) In a space that was thought by some as enough for just a closet, we made this room feel far larger than it actually is, by using many of the above mentioned novel ideas.

Contemporary Small Bathroom

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