5 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles


Interior decorating styles have evolved over time, and they will continue to change in response to the taste's of the people. A good decorating style will provide many benefits to homeowners for years to come, so instead of looking at improving your homes interior design as a luxury, think of it as a smart investment that can significantlyimprove the overall quality of your property. To help you get an idea of some of the styles that might fit your home, here are 5 beautiful home interior design styles. 1. Shabby Chic Shabby chic is a style that originated from Britian and features all white walls, floors and ceilings topped with miscallaneous vintage items spread across the furniture. Soft pastel colors are also part of shabby chic, and they tend to bring out more focus and a much more feminine feel to the room. 2. Swedish Style This Swedish style is rooted out of a trendy approach called maximalism, which means to make the most out of a small space. Swedish style does exactly that. It makes use of a variety of colors and designs and arranges these objects in an interesting manner to achieve maximum visual appeal. Vibrant colors are common, so visitors are more likely to closely examine each piece in the room. 3. Contemporary Contemporary interior design consists primarily of solid colors with contrasting colored items against a dark slate of color across the wall and floor. Normally, the furniture has straight, well defined lines with sharp corners to enahnce the contrasting colors. Very few additional accent pieces are used, which leaves the room open and clean for maximum visual appeal. 4. Classic Contemporary Softer colors dominate the classic contemporary interior design style. Rounded pieces of furniture are also part of the classic contemporary style, and this is done to make the visitor feel more at ease and at home. Instead of contrasting colors used with normal contemporary style, the colors are complementing, which is done to bring the entire room into focus instead of one or two particular objects. 5. Eclectic The eclectic interior design style will vary from person to person, and it can merge and resemble a number of other classic interior decorating styles. Eclectic is a clash of other styles, and its look largely depends on the taste and preferences of the homeowner. Would you like to have a room in your home resemble one of the above styles? Whether you already have an idea of what you want or need some professional guidance, feel free to contact us today. Telephone:+44 (0) 20 7235 8345