3 Tips For Finding Interior Design Inspiration


You're looking into purchasing your luxury property in London, preparing to have the home of your dreams—but you still haven't decided on the interior design of it all. It's hard to come up with ideas and you want everything to be perfect, so you keep putting it off. Let's look at some tips and  themes to give you some inspiration and ideas to draw from.

1. Look To Nature

Nature provides done-for-you designs that we take for granted in everyday life. Artists and designers understand this principle and use it all the time. Claude Monet was inspired by the beauty of his pond lilies and painted over 200 paintings of them for his series. Vincent Van Gogh has many paintings depicting the yellow wheat fields he was so fond of in life. Fashion designers often take from animal print to design dresses and other fabric designs. Think of something in nature that you find beautiful and customize your interior based on that concept.

2. Personalize Your Design To Reflect Your Passions

Do you have hobbies? A great way to really personalize your interior is to design it around things that you love doing or learning more about. For example, if you're fascinated by the sea, you might consider a nautical living room design. You could have a blue and yellow color scheme to represent the ocean and the sand. Figurines of sea creatures sit atop the furniture. A ship's wheel hangs upon the wall. You could decorate with authentic starfish, coral, and seashells of all kinds to craft a classy theme for your living space.

3. Draw From Other Cultures

Cultural themes are great for giving your home a beautiful, cohesive look. Pick a culture you're fond of and take elements of that culture's architecture and art to make it your own. You could have your home modeled after Asian culture. Asian vases and dishware could be used for decoration, along with themed prints like Hokusai's, The Wave. Sliding doors with kimono or cherry blossom print wallpaper are another nice design option under this theme. Fans and samurai gear could make for a nice juxtaposition, providing a nice balance of feminine and masculine characteristics.

You deserve for your home to look elegantly styled in a theme that inspires you. If you need any help creating a look that's both beautiful and functional for you and your guests, then contact us and let our experts help!