The Ultimate Luxury Is The Intangible


Any property’s finest features is its layout. Above all else, a home must flow very naturally, with no dead space. As opposed to prioritising tangible pieces and specific furniture, Landmass believes it is the intangible should be top of the list when it comes to interior designing homes.

Managing Director describes luxury very differently to most developers and designers. He says. ‘They talk about luxury specifications, iPads in walls and built-in speakers, that sort of thing. But the ultimate luxury is intangible – it’s how you create the wow factor from a space. You might not be able to put your finger on how it’s done, but you know it’s there. its Apple school of thought of creating wow through simple design.’

In this Belgravia basement, you can see the sky from the basement. Glass flooring on the ground level allows light to flow from a retractable roof down to the basement. Alan even says ‘when you turn the lights off, its still a very pleasant space to spend time in.’

Top Light Basement - Belgravia Mews

Reflecting on the sales of another record priced London property selling, Alan suggested ‘ this is no coincidence. ‘ At Landmass, we spend hours and hours on space planning, it’s a process. We go through lots of different exercises, one of which is to do a walk-through with my Architect, Luxury Interior Designer, Structural Engineer and Estate Agent.’ The five of them walk through the house, floor by floor, discussing which configuration will work best. ‘Each has a different opinion and each is necessary,’ he says. ‘It’s very much a team game. Ultimately, ‘even if the finish is fantastic, if the layout’s rubbish, the whole thing’s rubbish.’

Space planning is about the configuration of an interior space to provide the most efficient and valuable use of a property’s layout. ‘We believe introducing natural light and capitalising on small spaces is paramount in designing a property. Before considering furnishings, our in-house design team propose internal layout changes to properties making full use of space’ Alan says.

Luxury Interior Designer - Reception

Over the last 16 years, Landmass have designed and developed over 50 London properties, the latest of which is a Belgravia Mews House short listed for Best Residential Property 2014.

Below is a link to a short film for what recently sold for £3,000/ft2, a new record price for a single London mews.

Best Residential Property 2014 - Exterior

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