The Difference between Interior Design and Decorating


Landmass, is a principal and well-established brand. We are probably known best for our expansive portfolio of residential developments and interior design service. However it is apparent that interior design is a term that is sometimes used loosely and in the wrong context, making the terms decorating and design somewhat interchangeable.

Perhaps this is due to the numerous television docu-series blurring the line between the two and the sheer volume of start-up interior decorators and designers especially in London and south east England. However it is important to differentiate the two, so that people know the full potential of what an interior designer can offer.

Interior designers artistically and methodically design and re-design spaces that understand the somebody's way of life and behaviour. Architecturally as well as aesthetically. However a decorator will adorn and furnish a space with fashionable objects, beautiful ornaments, and a fresh lick of paint. In short, without one being better than the other; an interior designer can both decorate and design, however a decorator simply decorates with finishing touches.

As interior designers at Landmass, we creatively find technical solutions within a structure that are not only functional and attractive, but enhance the occupant’s quality of life. We approach each client, with the aim to fully gauge how they currently interact with their living space, assessing, where most time is spent by the individual and their family. This is done with the vision to re-design it, ensuring it is used to its utmost potential.

We seek to celebrate a building’s shell by complementing its historical value. We do this through sensitive, timeless design and consideration to its physical location, but also enriching each project with high-quality, luxury modern living solutions. As a company, we truly believe that any property can be transformed with the right configuration. Most importantly, by executing the introduction of maximum natural light and space. The interior architectural sculpting of the layout must be worked out before we feel we can start creating a mood board for a client. The specification process only starts once the optimum spatial design has been achieved.

Many perhaps do not realise the scope, imagination and creativity that our design team can provide, when making the mistake of confusing designers for decorators. Distinguishing this difference could have an influence on how people identify the potential of their property and assets in prime central London.


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