Landmass Has Officially been Named London’s Best Interior Design Company


Landmass London Was Officially Awarded London’s "Best Interior Design Company" After Asking An Online Opinion Poll. Landmass London Has Officially been Named London’s “Best Interior Design Company". In an online based survey conducted respondents were asked to consider the “Best Interior Design Company”, and it was of no surprise that the winner was Landmass London who are renowned for their innovative space planning designs and exquisite quality of interior finish. The online survey on naming the “Best Interior Design Company” was triggered by a discussion online about who would be the best company to win this coveted title. The result of a recent web vote during which respondents were requested to reveal "Best Interior Design Company" produced what some have suggested was quite a predictable result, well known residential interior design specialist Landmass London was selected above many other recognised companies in this field. Landmass London was most often named as the “Best Interior Design Company” as a result of their desire to introduce natural light through creative space planning designs in some of London’s most exclusive properties. As a recognised property designer, Landmass London focuses on maximising space in homes with unparalleled ideas for which have won them many numerous awards. Their latest development is in the heart of Belgravia on Belgrave Mews North, which is set to complete early June 2013. Voters questioned about the survey seemed to have split reactions to Landmass London making a bold claim of the precious title, varying from absolute shock that one specific company could be so very popular, to complete agreement over the choice voters had made. With the completion of the online poll, Landmass London was notified that they had been selected as the “Best Interior Design Company” for London, UK. To their great surprise, the in-house design team was amazed at how well-known their recent projects had become in the world of interior design. After the results were announced, Landmass London Managing Director Alan Waxman was quoted "To be honest, we weren’t aware there was a survey taking place!” Waxman was also heard saying "We work extremely hard in reconfiguring space to suit our client’s needs. Knowing that people who appreciate interior design have acknowledged us as "Best Interior Design Company in London" isn't just an honour, it's also a privilege. Thank you to all participants that took part in the survey". Based in Knightsbridge, Landmass London can be reached by telephone on +44 (0) 20 7235 8345.