Combine Profusion with Aysmmetry for Luxury Interior Design London


Luxury Interior Design London

When it comes to luxury interior design in London, it seems like the options are endless.  Even just the vast range of colours available can confuse a person.  You might know that you want to paint your kitchen yellow but, since there are about a hundred shades of yellow available out there, you might not be able to decide which one to go with.

The Spartan Look

People usually opt to get rid of this feeling of confusion by not having too many things.  There’s something to be said about a spare, Spartan look.  Many modern interior designers choose to have a few pieces that are very eye-catching and keep colours and prints down to a minimum.

Creative Art Combinations

However, there’s also something to be said about combining things in a profusion of creativity.  Sometimes, when you place two very different things next to each other, you might

find that they work.  So rather than just having one Georgia O’Keefe painting on the wall, you could have four or five smaller works by different artists placed in a collage-type pattern.  One could be a landscape, one a portrait, one a photo that you took yourself, one a geometrical pattern etc.

Connecting Diverse Things

All you need to do is find some way to connect these things.  Maybe they all have one colour

Luxury Interior Design London

running through them.  Or maybe they have the same textural feel.  It could be something even more subtle: maybe they are all in a pastel colour group.  The way to figure out if something like this is going to work is by placing several different images next to each other on the floor or on a bed and moving them around until you have the right arrangement.

Sculptural Arrangements

Similarly, you can create little spaces where you have more than one sculpture or decorative piece.  Rather than trying to give each decorative piece its own space, mix a few of them together.  Go for an asymmetrical look.  Think of combining the Western flower arrangement technique which consists of profusion with the Japanese flower arrangement technique that consists of perfection and asymmetry.  A little bit of profusion and a little bit of asymmetry work well together.

Furniture Arrangements

You can also extend this idea to furniture, if you dare, by getting several pieces that are quite different in and of themselves but which work when placed in a certain pattern.  In The Book of Tea, the great Japanese art historian Kakuzo Okakura talks about the Japanese tea master Rikiu who is never satisfied with his son’s cleaning of the garden.  Finally, he shakes a tree and lets all the leaves scatter, creating a beautiful sense of profusion.  This is the kind of natural yet scattered feel you might want to aim for.

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