Tips to make limited spaces more liveable


Interior design company Landmass shares creative tips for limited spaces while we are in isolation during Corona virus containment.

The number of rooms and square meters can provide a challenge to creating a welcoming home. This is why space planning and the right usage of space should be at the core of any interior design – whether a one-bedroom apartment or a penthouse. As everyone is different, the ideal use of space can vary depending on personal requirements,but ultimately will not only improve the layout of your apartment but also the value of your investment and general well-being.
– advises Mr Waxman, CEO of Landmass

Alan’s top 3 tips for small space owners:

1. Tidy up

The tips below will help you to “tidy your space and transform your life”.

  • Tackle categories not rooms –     starting with clothes… then books, leaving the most emotionally loaded     belongings like old photographs until last.
  • Start by putting everything into one pile – go through them one by one, deciding whether each one brings you     joy.
  • Only keep what sparks joy –     either give away or throw away everything else. 

Read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” by Marie Kondo, watch her on Netflix or find her on YouTube. There are also useful tips for folding techniques and creative storage ideas – all you need to get your home organised and improve your living space.

2. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is ideal for small apartments. It is a simple and fun way to bring style and personality to any room – no painting or wallpapering required. All you need is a hammer, some frame hooks and a collection of your favourite art and photos.  

Here are some tips to get you get started: 

  • Use a variety of art –     The most inspiring gallery walls are those that mix a variety of artworks     from a range of media, from photographs to drawings, mixed in with     personal mementos like children’s artwork or travel souvenirs. 
  • Use different frames –     Framing your individual works alike simply takes away the magic. One     strategy for maintaining balance and proportion with different frames and     sizes: one extra-large piece, two large, two medium and three small. 
  • Use a tape measure –     Uniform spacing provides a cohesive feel if your frames and images don’t     match. A consistent measurement, e.g. two inches between frames, or     building the collection along a common horizontal line can add structure     to your masterpiece. 

3. Hang indoor plants

Greenery, and nature in general, makes us feel happier, calmer,more productive and more relaxed. Indoor plants are great for your mood and your well-being; hanging plants can (literally) liven up your home without taking up any precious floor space.

Many millennials have already taken note, as urban gardening and houseplants are very popular right now. This reinvented classic instantly adds greenery to small spaces.

There are plenty of hanging plants to choose from – our top five favourites:

  • Terrarium-style plants
  • Spider plants
  • Indoor ivy
  • Pothos
  • String of hearts

Floating shelves or bookcases, windowsills or kitchen & bathroom shelves are also great spots to place additional plants, to achieve that indoor garden feel. Many are also available to buy online – something fun to do while in isolation!


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Despite the uncertainty in recent years, on a number of completed projects Landmass has been able to add a 20% profit on costs and a 50% return on equity.

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