6 Design Trend Predictions for 2021


6 Design Trend Predictions for 2021

We're all nervous - now more than ever - about what the future holds but not all predictions need to be negative this year. So let's look at some positive ones:

Trend 1: Wellbeing

Our lives over the last year have become increasingly digitalised. With an ‘always on’ lifestyle, the value of a home that is centred around wellbeing will be a priority for 2021.

This growing trend for wellness continues to influence space planning and design, integrating wellness into the core DNA of our designs. We are adopting a much more holistic approach, encompassing not just physical health, but also intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. Technology – free zones and meditation rooms are becoming more popular as we seek out a simpler and more peaceful way of life.

This mirrors our ethos of ‘thoughtful luxury’, that design should go beyond the aesthetic to reflect deeper values and meaning. The idea is that by finding a balance between these interconnected dimensions of wellness, we can experience ultimately healthier, happier lives.

Trend 2: Aesthetics meets Ethics

We have already observed a shift to a more sustainable approach in other sectors such as fashion, but we are now starting to see this shape the way luxury homes are designed, built and finished. We anticipate that suppliers that prioritise ethical and sustainable practices are set to only grow further in 2021, as we are more invested than ever before in knowing where items are sourced, how they are crafted and the impact they have on our environment.

Trend 3: Colour Therapy: Positive and calming use of colour

For 2021, Pantone has announced two colours as their shade of the year: ‘Illuminating’ – an uplifting and vibrant yellow and ‘Ultimate Grey’ a muted grey. These aspirational shades reflect what is taking place in the world currently and symbolise the need for resilience and stability but also hopefulness and calm. Colour provides a way to inject vitality and energy into our homes, and we anticipate that bright, uplifting shades will prove a popular way to add joy to our living space. Layering this with mood-enhancing art, fresh flowers and soft and tactile furnishings helps to further stimulate the senses and offer a sanctuary to retreat to.

Trend 4: Bringing the Outside In

Research has illustrated that there is a strong link between natural elements in the home and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. In our increasingly restricted lives where home, work and play combine in one place, this connection with nature is all the more important. We predict that biophilic design is only set to grow in popularity, as government guidelines see us spend more time indoors. As such, our clients are requesting spaces that provide them with a greater sense of connection to the outside world, for example through incorporating natural materials, maximising access to natural daylight and even spaces with retractable roofs and indoor/outdoor settings.

Trend 5: The Ultimate Work from Home Space

We predict that the home office will be the most important room in the home in 2021. In 2020, this was viewed as a temporary fixture, but as WFH is now the norm, we are seeing our clients request larger areas of the home dedicated to the office or study.

"The home office will be the most important room in the home in 2021"

These spaces need to be functional as well as beautiful, so we are incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology but thoughtfully styling them to be inspiring – the ultimate Zoom backdrop!

Trend 6: Touch-Free Technology

Lastly, a trend we have observed for some time, but which been accelerated by the pandemic, is the need for touch-free technology. Safety-focused technology is only set to evolve further as we adapt to a new normal. This includes voice-activated entry systems and QR activated lifts. All of these forms of advanced technology provide a way to ensure exposure to the virus is minimised without compromising on either style or luxury.