5 Interior Design Considerations for Your Kitchen


5 Interior Design Considerations for Your Kitchen

The challenge that’s always a high priority on the London property developer’s list is creating a kitchen space that maximises its utility, but also fulfils its aesthetic potential. Every kitchen space runs the risk of being an eyesore in the home, or on the flip side, being too difficult a space to work in due to stylistic limitations. Here are five interior design style tips for your kitchen to help you avoid those things and make your kitchen a space that is a joy to inhabit.

Consider the Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen interior design work triangle is a concept developed by interior designers to maximise the utility of a kitchen whilst keeping aesthetic considerations in mind. The triangle refers to kitchen workflow between the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. The professional consensus is that these elements of the kitchen must be within accessible distance of one another to optimise kitchen space and minimise wasted steps between the three points. If this can be achieved, the kitchen will be a pleasurable place to work in and move through. Unsure of ways you can increase your work triangle efficiency? Get in touch with the Landmass team now to find out more.

The long standing principle of working with a ‘Kitchen Triangle’ is one of the best approaches to creating a highly functional kitchen. Image Source

The Idea of The Hub

Just as the kitchen work triangle would have you believe that the kitchen is a solely utilitarian environment, this next point serves to prove the opposite. The kitchen is a functional place to prepare food and store produce, but it also has increasingly become the hub of the home and therefore must have features to facilitate the movement and comfort of more than just the cook. Features like a kitchen island or some form of seating provide a great environment to socialise as well as prepare food and drink. With this achieved, your kitchen will be a much more inviting place for your guests and family members, even if they aren't using the kitchen facilities. Landmass can help you achieve the perfect natural balance between utility and hospitality in your kitchen - get in touch now to find out how.

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Just as the kitchen functions as a place to prepare meals and socialise, it also serves the purpose of storing produce and various kitchen utensils. Make sure the space facilitates this purpose as much as any other, storing food, cutlery and other paraphernalia in places that make sense. An example of this would be keeping oils, spices and seasoning with arms reach of the stovetop, to make sure the cook does not have to travel far to access these whilst food is cooking on the range. Consider waste disposal too - keep it in a place that is easily accessible but out of the way.

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Perfect Your Colour Palette

As a purely aesthetic consideration, the colour palette is an area where you have the licence to be creative. Develop a swatch that is in line with the rest of the house and work to make the kitchen cohesive and visually appealing based on these constraints. The kitchen is particularly tricky to decorate as it must serve a practical purpose as well - utilising dark, wooden, or stainless-steel work surfaces can serve to give the space a cohesion whilst maintaining optimal utility. The hard part is staying consistent between the house and kitchen interior design while choosing colours that are that match with the rest of the home. This ensures that the effect when walking into the kitchen isn't too jarring. For more ideas on developing the perfect colour palette, contact one of our experts and we can walk you through it.

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Safety First

Finally, the last consideration to bear in mind when designing your kitchen is the safety of those who will inhabit it. This includes features like having ‘landing areas’ either side of the stovetop and the microwave to put hot food after removing it from the heat, having power outlets at the appropriate places to avoid cables stretching across walkways, and installing a range hood to ventilate cooking odours and prevent dampness in the walls and ceiling. Among other things, these are key to making sure all the users of the kitchen a safe and happy when using the space.

We hope these five kitchen interior design ideas have helped you consider the logistics of setting up your new kitchen. it can be a difficult task but that makes it all the more satisfying when the project has completed. The Landmass team have years of experience developing quality kitchens for clients all over London and would love to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your kitchen a space you love to be in.