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Unmodernised Property

Saving our clients time and money on sourcing their new home and designing it uniquely to their taste.

Finding a property that is the right size, location and price is already a difficult task. Together with finding a layout and design fitting to each individual taste seems to be unachievable.

To help our clients, Landmass’ Unmodernised Property Sourcing service will source only dilapidated residential properties and add value to them.

Incorporating lower acquisition price with stamp duty savings and the use of our in-house award-winning design and build service, clients can save between 10%-20%, compared to purchasing the same property as a finished product from the market. 

With access to both on and off-market properties, as well as the only property finding service that exclusively looks for unmodernised properties, we develop and design properties in the location and size you desire and according to our clients.

To achieve the desired outcome for our clients, we approach all our projects with the same attention to detail, understanding and execution that connects with our client’s vision. With 20 years of experience in planning and delivering bespoke residences for private individuals as well as investors, we focus on delivering a home with the living standard each client desires.

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