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Designing for Art

For many of us, Art is life. It is our greatest passion and our most important asset.

Yet in property design, art comes second. Too little attention is paid, too late. Inevitably, compromises arise in aesthetics, presentation, lighting, security and safety.

Specialists operate in siloes, which leads to communication breakdown, costly delays, inefficiencies and sub-optimal delivery. In service to you, as the agent of change, we are putting you and your art first.

The Art & Property Collective is an assemblage of best-in-class providers within the Art and ‘super prime’ residential sectors. We collaborate as one to create extraordinary art-in-property solutions. We bring together specialist expertise in architecture, design, art protection, lighting, AV, property management and security.

We have a proven track record of working together effectively to create astonishing art-at-home environments. Together, our value is more than the sum of our parts.

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